Investment Advice

Having the right consultant is the most important thing in today’s world economy

Arman Research and Technology Group helps you to find and build your knowledge-based projects proposed by this group (see topics in the section of technology & products and also projects) at textile industrial topics you want, depending on the amount of your investment.

This consulting team helps our clients to make the best investment decisions in the above areas, so that they can get the most productivity. Our professional team with technical expertise and experience in this industry, can guide you in choosing the best solution for your investment needs. Arman Group with all university technology centers, departments and its subsidiaries can be your consultant in all stages of planning until the operation of the industrial project of your choice.

Development and completion of projects by Arman Group

Arman Group can help you at any stage of your industrial project implementation ( related to the group’s available technologies and textile industry projects) as well as in the correct processes ahead, including obtaining all project license

If your project needs help at any of the following stages, a team of consultants in related fields will serve you

– Preliminary economic and technical studies

– Bank feasibility studies

– Performing geographical and soil analysis

– Get a set of licenses required

– Designing and evaluating the resources and facilities needed to provide them

– Provide other necessary support for the development and completion of your desired projects

Engineering in Arman Group

In any project, proper performance initially depends on optimal design.

Our engineers in Arman Group consider each project as unique and make a tailor-made design for your chosen subject (knowledge-based topics proposed or textile industrial topics). Our technical team, with long experience in a wide range of technical and study work, designs and plans related (from feasibility to operation) in such a way as to achieve optimal production.

Service details:

– Having a civil engineering team

– Having a mechanical engineering team

– Having an electrical engineering team

– Planning and designing the required facilities and equipment

Arman Group Supply Team

Our expertise and experience on the proposed technological subjects, and also projects related to the textile industry, guarantee our customers that they will receive the right quality output

Construction team

Arman Group, with the help of all its technology centers and subsidiary companies and specialized departments active in it (Commercial Department, Legal Consulting Department), has proven to be a trusted partner for the implementation of your project at operation to marketing and development.
The project management team of Arman Group uses only skilled engineers and technicians so It is possible for us to complete ongoing projects faster than usual (without consulting) and without compromising the quality of the projects (relative to the investment made). Our team follows a set of well-designed instructions for installing mechanical and electrical installations. We are proud of our team ‘s ability to build facilities (civil, mechanical and electrical).

Repair and Maintenance of facilities implemented in industrial projects

When an industrial design has been constructed and commissioned, its maintenance is one of the most important aspects for the investor. With regular and scientific repair and maintenance, factory life of facilities in industrial projects can be long.
Arman Group uses these services to increase the production related to the projects (both in the field of high technology and knowledge-based, which the group offers to investors, and also in textile industrial projects). Minimizes costs incurred due to inefficiency and operational problems of the facility.

After sales services

In general, the types of these services are as follows:

  • Remote support: customers can call the technical experts of the company in the after-sales service unit, to solve user or process problems and other small problems of the technologies provided

  • In-person support: In cases where users’ problems can not be solved by phone, the technical experts of this unit will be sent to the customer’s place in a short time and will fix the system problems in his place.

  • Repair or replacement of parts: All equipment parts that have a warranty or guarantee according to the contract, are repaired or replaced by this unit and after final service and testing and ensuring that the problem is resolved, will be delivered to the customer.

  • Periodic review: The experts of this unit are committed to periodic inspections to perform repair and maintenance services of the systems, to identify, announce and eliminate probable defects of the systems in order to enable their optimal operation

  • Other support services: user training, inspection and announcing problems of peripheral systems, consulting to select the appropriate consumables, and other services of this unit, which are provided to customers in coordination with the sales unit.

Services Commerce Department of Group

Cooperation in marketing and also sales for products of our technologies that have been invested by the customer.

Services of Legal Advice Department

These services include:

  • – Cooperation of Arman Group Legal Consultancy Department in different stages of industrial investment projects
  • Evaluation of resources and capital in various lawsuits or industrial projects for banks, judicial authorities and relevant government agencies by the official expert of justice in the textile, clothing and leather industries located in the Legal Consultancy Department of Arman Group

other services

Some other services include:

  • Professional monitoring and guidance on the growth path for investment projects proposed
  • Access to a network of consultants and experts in specific technical, legal, human resources fields, … in joint projects
  • Utilizing the social capital of Arman Research and Technology Group to facilitate in specific business areas related to the project
  • Designing the organization and production unit from the base to the operation stage, timing, production planning and inventory control, production line balance, estimating the number of optimal manpower, planning to increase the efficiency and productivity of production lines in industrial investment projects