In this technology, hollow fiber membranes are required for hemodialysis applications, which exist as filters for liquids and gases that have many medical and industrial uses (water treatment and petrochemical industries

The process of hemodialysis has fatal consequences for kidney patients due to improper blood purification and is incurable. These complications lead to high mortality of dialysis patients due to the poor performance of hemodialysis and membranes used in the blood dialysis process and also make hemodialysis operations time consuming and expensive. In order to overcome these problems, research has been continued to improve the performance of dialysis machines in all dimensions. Many efforts have been made to increase the biocompatibility of membranes used in hemodialysis. All these efforts have been to invent new methods of blood dialysis, manufacture dialysis machines and more accurately determine its characteristics with the aim of increasing the quality of life and increasing the life expectancy of kidney patients and reducing complications and side effects.

Construction of hemodialysis machines and production units is one of the most important projects in the country, but despite significant progress in the construction and design of hemodialysis machines from the point of view of mechanical engineering, so far real progress that leads to the creation of necessary technical knowledge about The production of membranes required in the process of hemodialysis has not occurred in the country and due to the fact that hemodialysis hollow fiber membranes are produced from a few other countries, one of the advantages of this technology is providing local knowledge and technology to produce hollow fiber membranes required for using in hemodialysis is a big step towards our country’s self-sufficiency in the production of this practical product and can meet the needs of kidney and dialysis patients in all hemodialysis centers. In terms of consumer market for this product, there is a very wide market both inside and outside the country as hemodialysis fibers and other hollow fibers in filter of liquids and gases that have many medical and industrial uses (water treatment and petrochemical industries)