The combination of textile technology and medical science has led to the creation of a new field called medical textiles. In fact, medical textiles are commodities that are used in textiles in the medical, health, and surgical fields. Textiles in the medical field have many applications such as suture fibers, complex composites for bone replacement, or medical prostheses. By application, these products are made of opaque – weft, annular, weft and composite structures using new fibers and technologies for the production of nanofibers, yarn and fabrics.

Types of technologies provided by Arman Group in this working group include the following:

Hemodialysis filter

In this technology, hollow fiber membranes are required for hemodialysis applications, which exist as filters for liquids and gases that have many medical and industrial uses (water treatment and petrochemical industries The process of hemodialysis has fatal consequences for kidney patients due to improper blood purification and is incurable. These complications lead to high mortality [...]

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