The Mechatrotex Working Group works to provide services to active industries in the field of advanced textiles and the needs of other ideal research and technology workgroups. The scope of this work is to design sensitive mechatronic systems in textile engineering. These areas include the manufacture of nanofibers, composites and coatings production equipment and machinery, as well as scanning measuring instruments in these fields. In recent years, this work group has been able to design and produce pilot-scale types of electrostatic-electrospray devices and their associated equipment, coating devices and surface scanners.

Types of technologies provided by Arman Group in this working group include the following:

Nozzle-less electrospinning machine

This electrospinning device uses a nozzle-less system (capillary free) which is a modified electrospinning method.. This modified process for the production of nanofibers is known as the Nanospider, in which there is no need to use syringes, capillaries or needles, in which only the polymer solution is placed in an electric field using a rotating [...]

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