Clean Energy

Clean energy technologies are the process of producing a product or service that reduces the negative environmental impact by improving energy efficiency, sustainable use of resources or environmental protection activities. Clean energy technologies include a wide range of technologies related to recycling, renewable energy (solar,…). One area of ​​work of this research group is based on clean energy technologies, which describes a diverse range of products, services and processes that use renewable energy sources; The goal is to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and reduce or eliminate waste generation. Investment in related technologies has been in the spotlight since 2000 and has grown significantly. Because rising oil prices and climate change-related policies have encouraged investment in clean energy. Clean energy products or services are products that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, raw materials, energy consumption, waste or environmental pollution.

Waste incinerator

Schematic picture of how combustion wastes and gases from combustion in furnaces   One way to dispose of waste is to burn it, which is actually the ignition of organic matter (carbonated) or pure matter. Incinerators and various other high temperature systems designed to dispose of waste are referred to as heat treatment [...]

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