History of Arman Group

Arman Research and Technology Group has been formed with the aim of studying basic and applied research, conceptual design, licensing, detailed design of knowledge-based plans and projects and their implementation in the fields of materials and energy. This partnership has been formed by the synergy of science to practice and the summary of knowledge and experience in the upstream and applied industries in the fields of energy, advanced agriculture, chemical industries, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, polymer, dye and textile industries. Years of experience and expertise of managers and key staff ensures the success of design and engineering plans and projects, installation and execution, preparation and supply and investment in seven areas of work of this group (clean energy, advanced materials, nanofilters, composites, macrotexts, Meditextile , Green technologies) that the relevant products are also introduced within this grouping

Goals, Values, Vision, Mission

Subsidiary Companies

  • (The Parent Co.) Ris Fanavar Arian Co :
  • Arman Tasfieh Aryana Co.
  • Amin Filter Alborz co.
  • Arman Danesh Kavir co.
  • Arian Nano Aryana Co.
  • Nano Saze Arian Nick Co.

Affiliated Technology Centers

  • Tehran Polytechnic University Technology Units Development Center
  • Isfahan University of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Center
  • Smart Nano Textile Accelerator Nanotechnology Innovation Council
  • Iran Space Organization Nanotechnology Accelerator

Organizational Chart